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A weekly(ish) newsletter about philosophy, literature, and culture—minus the stuffy academic prose.

Have you taken a class that changed your life, a class that stuck with you long after you chose a major or graduated from college?

Remember how learning became something you loved to do, not something you had to do? You were open to the world in a new way, thinking and caring, rather than memorizing for a test.

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Reclaim just a little bit of the the wonder, attention, and patience that lies at the heart of true learning.

Recent Posts

Everyday Transcendence, Inside, The Anthropocene Reviewed

Transcendence is not the special religious accomplishment of the spiritual elite; it is the constitutive characteristic of the human being as such, soul and body.

Defaults, The Road, Fireflies and Starlings

Long ago, Socrates argued that the unexamined life is not worth living. He had to make that argument, he felt compelled to bring it to our attention, because—in his time as in ours—the unexamined life is the default.

The Problem with Passion, Resurrection, Pandemic Time (with Tarkovsky)

Passion is a negative indicator of fulfillment. What I am passionate about is more properly marked by what I am willing to suffer in order to create or to contribute to some good that I value highly.